Our Clients

We work across the private and public sectors and our clients include large and medium sized commercial organisations operating in all market sectors, as well as County, City and Metropolitan Borough Councils, NHS Trusts, Housing Associations, Universities and Government Departments.

"Significant cash recovery"

In addition to significant cash recovery, Rockford provided a review of our payment processes, helping demonstrate that we had robust financial controls in place, but also identifying some improvements that will help further tighten existing systems of control.Finance Director

"Efficient and business like"

The service that Rockford provided was efficient and business like and generated significant returns which in most instances were cash releasing. In addition to this they also provided a significant report on procurement and purchasing activity that allowed us to focus on reducing transaction costs..Deputy Director - Finance

"Great professionalism"

The service was carried out efficiently and effectively with great professionalism. The reports and data output has been a great benefit to our department. Payments Manager

"Pleasure working with you"

Just like to take this opportunity to thank Rockford for the work you have done for us. It has been a pleasure working with you and would readily recommend you and the service you provide to other organisations.Chief Financial Accountant

"Exceeded expectations"

Rockford exceeded expectations and were thoroughly professional from start to finish.Head of Audit

In delivering our services, we are driven by the overriding objectives of :

We retain many of our clients and have conducted many repeat recovery audits. Indeed, many of our clients have adopted an annual audit by Rockford as a matter of best practice. We highly value the relationship we have with all our clients and remain determined to maintain a premium reputation in the recovery audit business.